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AS of the 2nd week of April 2014 SAESA will cover all of Bunkerhill Township for Ambulance service ONLY

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S.A.E.S.A Subscription Information

As many of you are aware, May 2006 Stockbridge Area Ambulance, Inc. (SAAI) became Stockbridge Area Emergency Services Authority (SAESA). By law ambulance companies must bill for services rendered. SAESA ambulance will continue to bill your insurance as SAAI did in the past. We will continue to offer annual subscriptions which will cover the co-pay, deductible, and other outstanding charges for EMERGENCY ambulance services provided.

If you or any family member living with you needs EMERGENCY AMBULANCE SERVICE, there will be no additional cost beyond the subscription fee. After you provide your insurance information, we will accept your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid payment as full payment.

-The cost for a 1- year household subscription is $35 
-A 1-year senior citizen subscription is $30 

-Non-Emergency transports are not included in this subscription

Subscription Applications can be picked up at the Bunkerhill Township Hall or online at the following link: Ambulance.pdf