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Welcome to BUNKERHILL Township


871 DeCamp Rd

Stockbridge MI 49285

(517) 589-9886

Fax: (517) 338-5009

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ALL Inspectors are available by appointment ONLY

BUILDING INSPECTOR: Bill Myers : (517) 910-3370

PLUMBING INSPECTOR: Tim Basore: (517) 623-6257

MECHANICAL INSPECTOR: Tim Basore: (517) 623-6257

ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR: Ken Swift: (517) 812-7002

Permits are processed on Mondays & Tuesdays

Building Inspection Department

Bunkerhill Township

Ingham County, Michigan

The following must be presented before a building permit is issued

Building Permits are NOT issued until Plan Review has been Approved by Inspector

  1. Soil erosion permit :Drain Commissioner: 517-676-8395
  2. Driveway permit (if new build or adding new drive) :Road Commission: 517-676-9722
  3. Health Dept well and septic permit :Health Dept: 517-887-431
  4. Plot plan showing all lot lines and set-back measurements/Property Staked
  5. 2 complete sets of blue prints (Township keeps 1)
  6. Res-Check Compliance Cert:
  7. The building permit fee
  8. Plan Review Approved by Inspector

No permit will be issued if any of these items (1-8) are not present. Most of the are required by State Law

Any construction that is permanently fastened to ground or another building REQUIRES a permit. Be it further resolved that it is the responsibility of the builder to obtain ALL permits prior to the start of construction.